Hi, I’m Megan. I help Big Thinkers thrive through writing.

For over a decade, I've been providing engaging, personalized writing coaching and helping students build Writing Toolboxes full of the right tools for their unique thinking styles.

Learn more about my approach. 

Write with Me

Expository Essays

Step-by-step recipes for effective expository writing on topics that interest students. Get personalized coaching to build your unique writing process and Writing Toolbox.  

College Applications

Personalized coaching for the Personal Statements and Supplementary Essays for college applications. Get help planning, structuring, revising, and editing to perfection. 

Creative Writing

Exploratory exercises and fun activities to inspire creative writers. Get help with plot, theme, character, setting, and learn the secrets the pros use to finish writing and publish!

On Demand Writing Help

Targeted writing help to plan, revise or edit an essay. Live coaching when you need it most so you can turn in your best work on time and stress-free. 

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