No one is born great at writing.

Writing isn't magic. But it can sure seem like it is when no one has shown us how the process works. Or when we're assigned essay after essay without a chance to practice in a safe setting. Or when the only feedback we get is from an angry red pen. Or when we think outside the box or have alternative learning styles. Writing becomes a miserable experience, and we soon lose our motivation to try to get better at it.

Welcome to Whole Education! I'm Megan.

I’m a patient writing guide who knows that for many bright thinkers, writing is excruciating. They struggle with where to start, what to say, how to say it, and why they should even bother. The get lost in their own great ideas and can't seem to get the thoughts out of their heads and onto paper.

They're also under constant attack from pesky inner-perfectionist voices that hiss, “Don’t write anything unless it’s exactly right!” Those same voices tell them that they’re no good at writing or that they should just give up. I help writers tell those negative voices to skedaddle!

I give writers the practical tools and supportive environment they need to explore their strengths and hone their skills.

I help them learn and write in line with the way they naturally think. I give them the space to experiment, the freedom to be creative, and the encouragement to be curious. My commitment is to helping young writers feel motivated to put their passions on paper and achieve their best.

Start here to find out how I can help make writing better for you!