Hi, I'm Megan!

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I’m a passionate writing coach who makes writing less stressful and more enjoyable with an individualized approach and easy-to-use tools and strategies.

For many students, writing is hard! Just getting started and figuring out what to write is challenging enough, but then to revise and edit until the writing is really polished—sheesh, it can be overwhelming.

I help students become engaged, independent writers (and thinkers!) by helping them build personalized Writing Toolboxes. I teach them the strategies and skills they need for writing success. But most importantly, I help them connect with writing and enjoy it so that they can use writing to express their passions in the world. 

My superpower is turning big writing goals into bite-sized steps.     

My Background

I fell in love with learning and teaching while completing my BA at St. John’s College, a unique liberal arts school where discussions replace lectures and rigorous essays replace tests. Working closely with my peers in small, intensive classes—whether we were trying to understand Plato, translating Sophocles, or recreating one of Galileo’s experiments—opened my eyes to the fact that we were all learning the same material in different ways.

After college, I continued my education about education with training in multi-sensory methods and work with learning-disabled students, learning how to teach not just the curriculum but also the student. I worked with severely-challenged learners at a renowned special education school in the suburbs of Chicago, absorbing all I could from the dedicated staff and from the students themselves, whose needs were my greatest teacher.

While I was passionate about connecting with students' unique learning needs, I was disillusioned by the idea of marginalization and remediation. I moved to the opposite end of the educational spectrum, teaching high-achieving students in an acclaimed private school. I had seen firsthand how the brain-engaging multi-sensory approach helped extremely challenged students. 

But why wait until students are struggling before offering them the best tools?

I made my fifth-graders push desks around the room to understand earthquakes. I taught them how to color-code brainstorms, and I told them goofy stories to make grammar more memorable.  I loved being in the classroom (a captive audience for my corny jokes? count me in!), and working with so many different students taught me even more about all the effective ways to teach and reinforce lessons.

My passion has always been writing, and I began to dream of teaching only that subject. In addition, I knew that I could be the most effective teaching one-one-one so that I could tailor lessons to each student’s strengths and needs. In 2006, I got the push I needed when my first client, the mom of one of my fourth-graders from that year, asked me to continue working with her daughter on writing.  

As my one-on-one practice grew, it became a living laboratory. I developed drills, checklists, and templates to break writing down into do-able steps, keeping what worked and refining what didn't. And I developed even more games and memory tricks so that my Writing Coach Playbook had something for every kind of learner. 

My Mission

Now I get to offer all students the best tools for thinking and writing their best. I love working with students who struggle in writing as well as those who excel at it. My goal is to help writers of all backgrounds and skill levels develop writing strategies that they will actually use. I want them to connect with writing and use it to share their talents and passions in the world. To me, that is the definition of success. 

Whether your child struggles with writing or is ready for a challenge, I can help!

Schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your child’s needs. How would you like to see your child’s writing grow? What is your child’s biggest writing obstacle? What are your child’s goals for this year, next year, and down the line?

What My Clients Say

I can’t thank you enough for helping me create my resume. I was offered an internship at a major software company in Redwood City, and I really wouldn’t have been able to land it without you.
— College student
My son has made big improvements on his writing skills since the start of the writing class. I still remember how devastated I was when I saw his first English writing assignment along with the score. At our first conversation, I told you that my goal was to improve his English writing skills so that his entire English score would be improved. I am really happy to see that with your help, he has had a solid A in English since the beginning of the 2nd semester and is still keeping it that way.
— Parent of a 9th-grade student
Thank you very much for helping with my daughter’s summer program application essays, and school class work essays! She has been accepted by two summer camps, and also made significant improvements on her writing skills because of your help. Thank you a lot!
— Parent of an 8th-grade student