A Fast-Paced Adventure: A Review of Stormbreaker


I'll admit it: sometimes I read fluff for pure enjoyment! I don't try to analyze the characters or find any earth-shattering themes. I just turn off my judgment and enjoy a good adventure. 

Stormbreaker, the first book in Anthony Horowitz's popular series about Alex Rider, is a fun romp through the fast-paced life of an accidental teenage spy, complete with karate moves, cool gadgets, and death-defying risks - all in the name of saving the world.

Horowitz himself invites the comparison of Alex Rider to James Bond, and if you are a fan of the Bond franchise, this book would be a fun way to imagine what your life might be like as an MI6 spy.  

Recommended to guys in 8th-9th grade looking for a fun diversion.