A Novel to Wolf Down: A Review of Rise of the Wolf

rise of the wolf

You would never guess that this gripping, gory tale comes from the mind behind Bob the Builder.  

The only trait these two have in common is that, just like the children's show and book series, Wereworld, the new young adult series from Curtis Jobling, is destined to become widely known and loved.

Set in Lyssia, a realm ruled by warring Werelords, Rise of the Wolf is  an epic tale of one sixteen-year-old's journey from outcast to leader.  Drew must learn to tame his inner beast as he flees those who would capture him.  In his travels, he encounters savage wild men, healers, torturers, princes who act like rats, and peasants who act like princes.  He finds true friends, as well as inner strength, but can he ever find peace from the powers that pursue him?

Jobling creates a world both imaginative and accessible, expertly weaving together well-known myths and compelling beasts of his own creation.  His descriptions and the development of dynamic and interesting characters make this book engaging.  But it is the riveting action - the non-stop battle to stay one step ahead of a host of cruel enemies - that makes this novel a true page-turner.  It finishes at just over 400 pages, but once you start, you will easily devour this fantastic book!  

I recommend this book in particular to guys in 7-9th grades.

WARNING: This book contains graphic descriptions of battles, and many scenes are gory.