Commuter Biking by Adrian P.

commuter biking

Commuter Biking

By Adrian P., age 10

Commuter biking is an effective and inexpensive way to get to work.  One benefit is that you don’t have to pay for gas.  Even if you buy the cheapest car on the market you have to pay for extra expenses such as fuel. On the other hand, a bike doesn’t have nearly as many expenses as a car.  You only need to buy a bike lock and occasionally service your bike.  The second benefit of commuter biking is that it costs much less than buying a car.  A twenty-one-gear, aluminum bike costs around $900.  On the other hand a bottom-of-the-line new car that is reliable costs around $17,000.  For some people that work in big cities such as San Francisco parking can be very expensive.  Even if the prices are low they really do add up.   However if you bike to work you only need to lock your bike somewhere.  Commuting to work on your bike is a cost effective way to get to work.

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