An Enchanted Garden: A Review of Hannah's Garden

hannah's garden

Sometimes things are not as they seem.

Hannah's Garden is really a page turner, drawing the reader in to a magical world of music, art, and strange creatures. This magic, though, is set against a backdrop of very real, very un-fairytale-like circumstances.

Cassie has to balance her passion for the violin and opportunities for a normal teenage existence against the whims and immaturity of her  mother, Anne, who often behaves more like the daughter in the relationship.

When Cassie's grandfather falls ill, she thinks she will have to take care of both him and her emotionally needy mother on the family farm. Instead, Cassie finds herself wrapped up in a mystery stemming from her grandmother Hannah's garden, and contending with dark forest creatures, some of whom are bent on her family's destruction.

Music and magic are woven throughout this moving story  of a mother and daughter mending their relationship.

Gals in 9th through 11th grade will relate to Cassie and enjoy this story of love and forgiveness.