History in Action: A Review of the Woven Path

the woven path

The best way to view history is by traveling back in time.

The Woven Path is a fast-paced, thrill-a-minute book takes readers on a wild journey into 1940s London, during World War II.

Neil, the story's protagonist, is an unlikely hero, and little does he know that his journey to save his little brother is really a journey to save all of humanity. This book hits so many different interest points. It will appeal to history buffs and those who want to get a firsthand look at what life was like for British civilians during the frightening and dark (literally!) times when German planes made nightly raids, dropping bombs indiscriminately and flattening houses.

But the story is also interwoven with ancient legends and powerful dark forces that threaten to combine with the grim violence of the era's conflict, catapulting the war to even more dreadful heights.  

Fans of The Alchemyst will recognize Yggadrasil, the tree of life, and learn more about the origins of this legend. The three fates, often portrayed in Greek mythology, make an appearance, along with talking toys and time travel.

With humor, suspense, and incredible imagery, Robin Jarvis makes the characters jump off of the page, and keeps readers on the edges of their seats.  Want to learn some new and impressive vocabulary? This is the book for you! Jarvis whips out some doozies!

I think readers in 8th - 9th grade will enjoy it. But be forewarned: the dark forces are really dark! There is a taste of the horrors of war and the pain it causes. Not for the squeamish.