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College-bound students dig deep to uncover their unique talents and put their passions on to the page. Using unique brainstorming activities, templates, and checklists, students craft personal statements that stand out. LEARN MORE


On Demand Writing Help

High school and college students get immediate help on writing projects so they can beat stress and turn in their best work. They talk through where they're stuck and get expert advice about how to outline, revise, and edit strategically so they can meet the deadline. LEARN MORE


Project Time Machine

High school, and college students get support in planning big projects. They learn how to make a realistic schedule they'll be able to follow. By planning ahead, they gain more time and work with less stress and more success. LEARN MORE

As someone who doesn’t consider themselves a strong writer my work with you has made me extremely confident not only in my college essay but my ability to write in the future. The most helpful part of our work together was structuring and organizing the ideas that I had about what it was I wanted to write. I would strongly recommend you to anyone searching for help in writing. You are passionate about your work, attentive, kind and extremely helpful.
— Student transferring from a two-year to a four-year college