Colleges would be blown away by your talented teen.

If only your teen would take your advice about writing the application essays!

Maybe one of these sounds familiar:

My daughter is so talented. There are so many stories she could share in a college essay, but she doesn't want to brag.

My son is really involved with his extracurricular activity and it has played a huge role in shaping who he is, but he doesn't think he should write about it because it's not academic.

My teen won't even talk to me about college applications! I want to help, but we just argue.

You're not alone! Every parent I work with tells me that as much they want to help, it just creates tension.

As a thoughtful parent, you don't want college application essays to become a battle. But at the same time, you know letting your teen go it alone isn't an option.  

It's hard for most mature adults to take stock of themselves—their strengths and weakness, their talents and growing pains. Teens need support in telling their stories and showing colleges how they've overcome challenges and worked to pursue their passions. 

I'll draw out your teen's unique story and help turn it into powerful application essays.

Your teen will get comprehensive essay coaching to plan, draft, and polish the personal statement, personal insight questions, and even school-specific supplementary essays.

As we work together, your teen will get support and accountability, plus all my best writing tools and strategies. We work together one-on-one through video conferencing and shared documents so that your teen can take full advantage of...

  • out-of-the-box writing activities to spark creativity
  • outlines and templates to make writing faster and easier
  • comprehensive help for the personal statement plus all the school-specific essays on the menu
  • expert guidance about what to write and how to present it
  • tried-and-tested revising strategies
  • detailed feedback and clear due dates
  • tips and techniques for staying within the word limit
  • professional proofreading
Megan Barnhard

The best essays come from students who start early, plan for success, and get expert guidance and support. I have over a decade of experience helping bright students excel through writing. I'm committed to helping students share their unique talents and write in their genuine voices so that they make the best possible impressions on their top-choice schools.

Let me help your bright teen shine through! 

Overall, we were very happy with your helping Tyler. Tyler was very comfortable with you and shared his personal thoughts, traits and goal — which I think is vital to a good essay. Furthermore, I think you were very flexible and accommodating with the meeting time since Tyler had a busy schedule and it wasn’t consistent. As you know, teenagers are procrastinators and it is hard for us to sometimes tell him to do this or that; but with your help, I think Tyler had a more steady timeline to meet the deadlines, especially since he applied to so many schools. You helped Tyler to be on track with the applications! You also kept us informed with the progress so that was very appreciated.
— Christine, parent

Complete College Essay Coaching

Get one-on-one help with every aspect of college essays, from start to finish!

Hands-on help that lets your teen take charge without having to go it alone. Your teen receives expert one-on-one coaching to plan, write, and polish stellar application essays. From digging deep and finding great stories and brag moments, to revising for clarity and editing for word limit, your teen will get customized guidance and support.   

  • Big Idea Strategic Planning Session (a $250 value!)
  • 3 Private 75-minute Live Coaching Sessions 
  • Continuous email support until all essays are finished
  • Unlimited rounds of revisions
  • Detailed written comments on each draft
  • Edits for length
  • Live Chat Final Proofread

$1795 covers up to 5 essays ~  additional essays $25 each                 

I think our work overall helped me to become a better writer, and I think the essays that came out of it were absolutely stellar. I’m definitely pleased with them, they’re a huge improvement over my essays from last year. I honestly don’t think this could have gone any better, you were very easy to work with, and you did an excellent job of adapting to my style of writing. I would recommend you to others in a heartbeat. This process was much less of a headache thanks to you. Thank you once again for all of your help! I could not have done this without you.
— James, transfer student
Thank you so much for all your support and help throughout this process. I found you very fun to work with. It was easy to talk with you and your suggestions were fantastic. I appreciated them and found each one helpful — many led me to have more ideas about my writing! You definitely made everything easier. I am extremely happy with the way my essays came out!
— Alyssa, student
It was really helpful to get an outside perspective on my essays. Usually, the people that read my essays already know me very well, so I forget to write in some things or I think that they are implied. It was really helpful to get general advice on the direction of my essays and how to go about talking about certain topics. I would recommend your college coaching sessions. It was very helpful that I was able to schedule meetings with you very quickly and I think that our sessions were very productive and gave me a lot to work on in between sessions. Booking online with was very easy and effective, makes it much easier than setting up a time back and forth through email.
— Todd, student


Shouldn't students just write their own essays? 

Yes, students need to write their own essays, but, no, they can't expect to "just write" and be successful. It's hard for most mature adults to take stock of themselves—their strengths and weakness, their talents and growing pains. Teens need support in telling their stories and showing colleges how they've overcome challenges and worked to pursue their passions. 

My super power is being able to reflect people's stories back to them so that they see how amazing they are. When I do this for teens writing college application essays, they really get it. They see how they can toot their own horns while also coming across as thoughtful and genuine.   

And heads-up: colleges have re-calibrated their expectations about student essays! They expect that students will be getting outside help, so they want to see really polished essays. Yes, they want to hear student stories and student voices. But they want those stories and those voices to be of an extremely high quality, and to follow a certain structure.

Working with a coach means your teen gets all the best strategies and secrets to write knock-out essays. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. I offer students simple recipes and step-by-step tools they can use to develop their stories and polish their writing.  

How do I know how many essays my teen needs to write?

The number of essays your teen needs to write will depend on the number of schools s/he is applying to. Students applying to private schools will need to write a personal statement for the Common Application. Those applying to the University of California will need to write at least 4 essays, responding to the Personal Insight Questions. Some schools have additional essay questions they want students to address that provide more detail about a student's background or intended course of study.  

I'm here to help with every single essay your teen needs to write! You can get started without having the final essay count. Once we begin our comprehensive coaching, it's easy to add on essays to cover personal insight questions and supplemental essays. I'll guide your teen in reusing and recycling essay material in order to work smarter, not harder, so that each application essay receives energy, enthusiasm, and passion. You can add on essays beyond the initial 5 for $25 per essay.

What is Live Chat Final Proofreading?

College Application Nightmare #1 is submitting an essay that contains a glaring error or oversight. Colleges want to see that students have put a lot of time and effort into what they write. The final step of college essay writing is a painstaking proofread.

I've found that by far the fastest and most effective way to take students from "done writing" to "ready to submit" is to get into their final drafts with them and live chat. This allows them to make immediate edits in response to my comments and suggestions. They can also ask me final questions and get answers in real time! This allows them to move straight from our Live Chat Proofreading session to the online submission page.They'll submit their essays on time and with confidence. 

I really value that you were readily available whenever I had questions about certain parts of my essays. You helped me come up with new ideas to augment my writing. With you help, I was also able to condense all of my essays under 350 words and only include the most important content. I think my essays resembled me as a person very accurately. They included all aspects of my life such as community service projects, academics, and sports, and they demonstrated that I am a well-rounded individual.
— Ashna, student

As someone who doesn’t consider themselves a strong writer my work with you has made me extremely confident not only in my college essay but my ability to write in the future. The most helpful part of our work together was structuring and organizing the ideas that I had about what it was I wanted to write. I would strongly recommend you to anyone searching for help in writing. You are passionate about your work, attentive, kind and extremely helpful.
— Zachery, transfer student

I read through his UC prompts and Common App and to be honest, they are awesome, especially the Common App!!! All of these really sound like Tyler and that is exactly what schools would look for to know more about him. I wouldn’t want to change it a bit. Thanks for your help!!
— Frank, parent

I just wish we had started way earlier with you.
— Leigh Anne, parent

You are the best!
— Suzanna, parent

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