Is your high-achieving high school student stressed out about college apps?

I get it. High school these days is serious business. Many teens put in as many hours as their parents do at work—studying, completing homework, preparing for AP tests, volunteering, and still trying to express their talents in their free time. 

When it comes to writing college application essays, one of these might sound familiar to you:

"There's so much stress from school. We don't want to add to it by thinking about college essays right now."

"There just isn't any time to plan college essays right now. We'll think about it in a few months."

I totally hear you! We don't get more done when we're worried or anxious; we get more done when we're relaxed and feeling creative.

But that's why the smartest strategy is starting on college essays early!

Students who start early on their college essays get to ditch the stress and tap into their creativity. 

The Big Idea Planning session is a chance for busy students to slow down and gather their best ideas. I help them dig deep to find their best stories, and then we create a Writing Plan so they can get started and stay on track.  

Big Idea Planning Session

Get a jump-start to gather great ideas and plan for success! 

A great essay begins with a great idea. Students who take the time to dig deep and plan their writing come across as more confident, more genuine, and more engaged.

In this fun, engaging session, students will get a chance to think deeply and thoughtfully about who they are and what makes them stand out. I'll help them see themselves and their stories the way a college will so they can make a great first impression.

  • "Know Thyself" Questionnaire
  • 90-minute private coaching session
  • Success-without-Stress Writing Plan


Looking for more than a jump-start?

Complete College Essay Coaching gives students expert help, guidance, feedback, and accountability from first idea to final proofread.