Writing essays doesn’t have to be mystifying, boring, or painful!

So many students slog through essays because they don’t connect with the topics or because they feel utterly lost about how to plan and write.

When students get a chance to choose their own writing topics their motivation skyrockets! That opens the door for them to learn the concepts behind essays so that the process feels more approachable.

I'll help your child learn effective strategies for planning, drafting, revising, and editing expository essays while enjoying self-expression.

Through engaging activities and creative exercises, we’ll explore expository writing in its various forms, from compare & contrast and cause & effect, to various types of literary analysis.

Your child will learn…

  • The key ingredients of great essays
  • Reliable recipes for building essays one step at a time
  • Brainstorming hacks 
  • Strategies for faster outlining 
  • The secrets of painless drafting
  • Simple steps for more effective revising
  • How to edit and proofread like a pro

Our sessions are full of experimentation, giving your child a chance to try out different strategies to see what works. (We make sure to save all the best tactics in the Writing Toolbox so your child can continue using the resources that make writing easier.) 

And our online workshop space is the perfect no-pressure zone. As we talk through essay ideas, writing becomes a creative collaboration instead of a stressful solitary experience.

Here’s what’s included in your 12-week coaching experience:

  • 12 One-on-One Coaching Sessions. We meet via video conference where all of our resources are only a click away, and where our shared online documents feel like inviting workshop spaces.

  • Student Choice about writing topics, timelines, and techniques so your child will feel motivated to excel.

  • A Customized Assignment following each coaching session to practice and develop skills.

  • A Personalized Writing Toolbox, which is accessible from any web browser and which is yours to keep! That means your child has access to the most effective tools whenever and wherever writing happens. 

  • A Writing Portfolio containing the work done in our coaching, including all the stages of each essay and my comments so your child can notice progress and celebrate growth.

  • Unlimited Email Support between sessions so your child can ask questions, get my support, and build the habits of communication and accountability.   

  • Email Updates following each session so that you can stay in the loop about triumphs, challenges, progress, plans, and assignments.

  • 3 Phone Updates to connect, collaborate, and continue refining our approach so that your gets the best support possible. 

Here are some of the reasons parents seek my help:

"My son used to really love writing, but now that he has to write essays, he’s started to dread it. I don’t want him to give up on writing!"

“My daughter wants help with writing but she doesn’t want my advice. Every essay turns into a battle.”

"My son has a lot of good ideas but finds it really difficult to get them down on paper."

"My daughter struggles with perfectionism. She doesn’t want to write anything unless it’s excellent."

This coaching plan is right for you if your child is ready to...

  • enjoy writing—again or for the first time
  • learn effective strategies for all parts of the writing process
  • feel less frustrated about writing essays
  • have support without it creating a conflict in your home
  • take writing one step at a time and feel less stressed

Writing is a lifelong skill. Join other parents who have given their children the gift of enjoying self-expression.

My son is doing really well in his English class. He improved his grade, and he is more confident, and less stressed.
— Parent of an 11th grade student
My son is always very positive and motivated after the writing sessions. Today he asked me to continue with more writing sessions in the future. That is very encouraging as not too long ago writing was something he dreaded. Thank you for all the great work that you are doing with him.
— Parent of a 4th grade student
One obvious change I noticed is that he would not push his writing assignments to the last minute like before, seems to me nowadays he has more ideas to write about, and is not as frustrated as he used to be. So thank you very much for those positive changes! The thing I appreciate the most is that as an experienced teacher, you found out what really went wrong with my son’s writing and came up with solutions to correct that.
— Parent of an 8th grade student

I'm committed to making writing an enjoyable experience for your child. I'd be honored to provide the positive place for your child to learn, write, and thrive!  

Price: $1200

Successful coaching is all about finding the right fit. I'd love to hop on the phone with you and hear more about your child's needs. If it feels like I'm the right person to help with writing, we'll schedule a free mini-session to make sure your child agrees. ;) 

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