Personalized Support for Essays and Stories

I help students of all ages write with greater skill and joy! My commitment is to make the writing process make sense for every type of writer and every type of thinker. 

Students in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college learn to build better writing habits as they work on real-life writing goals and projects that spark their curiosity and demonstrate their achievements.

Complete College Essay Coaching

Motivated students plan, draft, revise, and polish application essays that wow their first-choice colleges and universities. Hands-on one-on-on support from first idea to final proofread! LEARN MORE

College Essay Strategic Planning Session

Rising seniors or transfer students jump-start their college application process with this fun and intensive session. They gather their best ideas using creative activities and innovative resources. LEARN MORE

Narrative Writing Coaching

Middle school and high school students learn the secrets of great story telling as they hone their creative writing. They learn about setting, conflict, plot, character, dialogue, description, and theme as they build worlds and explore their imaginations. LEARN MORE

On Demand Writing Help

High school and college students get immediate help on writing projects so they can beat stress and turn in their best work. They talk through where they're stuck and get expert advice about how to outline, revise, and edit strategically so they can meet the deadline. LEARN MORE

Expository Essay Coaching

Middle school, high school, and college students get support in writing effective expository essays. They learn step-by-step recipes that help them write easily on any topic. LEARN MORE


Working with Megan made a huge difference for my son. First it improved his Lit grades significantly but more importantly it increased his self confidence. Megan manages to strike the perfect balance between being friendly and witty while keeping focus and making good progress in every session. My son thoroughly enjoyed these classes.
— Parent of a 10th-grade student
Just want to share with you the good news: [my daughter] was accepted by Castilleja School as a new 9th grader in the fall! We really appreciate your great help working with her on the essays. She was accepted by St. Francis too, but she waited until yesterday and got the notice from her dream school.
— Parent of an 8th-grade student