6 Ways Writing Helps You Get Into College

writing help for college acceptance

No matter what major you’re considering for college, getting writing help on your application will give you a better chance of being accepted to your top schools.

You might already know that the essay is a place to smooth over the rough parts of your application and provide more explanation for your performance.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The college essay isn’t just about strong writing. In fact, the best essays don’t always come from the strongest writers!

The best college essays come from students who take the time to think deeply about their passions. [Tweet that]

Here are six ways you can use writing as a tool for nailing your college applications, plus one simple tool for making a timeline that works!

1. You’ll Apply to the Right Colleges

In reality, there really aren’t any “right schools”; there are only “right-fit-for-you schools”. You might have a list of schools that meet some basic criteria: the right price; the right SAT or ACT score range; the right location. That’s a great place to start, but it’s not all you have to do.

When you work on writing exercises and activities that force you to dig deep and find your reasons for going to college, you’ll uncover more of your passions and talents. As you talk through these exercises with a writing coach, you’ll also find yourself face to face with your academic strengths and weaknesses. That’s the information you need to determine which schools will help you thrive:

  • What size should they be?
  • What kind of support should they offer?
  • What should the classrooms be like?
  • What should the learning atmosphere be like?

2. You'll Nail Your Supplementary Essays

Once you’ve found the right-fit schools for you, your work isn’t done. You’ll need to ask yourself even more questions about each of those schools individually:

  • Which departments are you interested in?
  • What major will you pursue?
  • Which facilities are you excited about?
  • What’s unique about each school?

This is going to help you focus your interests and goals. When you do that, you’ll have two big advantages. The first is that you’ll connect with your topic more because it will feel more concrete and related to your goals, instead of just abstract.

The second advantage is that you’ll be primed to write the supplementary essays for private schools. These shorter essays are often very straightforward, asking you why you want to go that particular school. If you’ve already done the work with a writing coach to hash out your plan and determine how your college plan is the culmination of your passions and pursuits, you’ll be well on your way to nailing these supplementary essays.

3. You'll Avoid the Biggest Pet-Peeve of Colleges

One of the biggest complaints from colleges about the essays they receive is that students don’t say enough about themselves. Schools are trying to get the insider-view of students, and instead they’re stuck with tiny, timid, tame statements!

It’s really hard to write about yourself. You don’t want to sound arrogant or toot your own horn. You want to come across as likable. You want to show your cooperative side. But you can't melt into the background and expect to be accepted.

How can you show your true potential when you don’t show your appetite for life? [Tweet that]

If you learn how to write about your passions, you won’t have to write about yourself. The trick is to focus less on who you are and more on what you love. When you have a writing coach to help, you’ll be able to craft your essay as a personal statement in the truest sense: a statement of what you’re all about and why.

4. You'll Avoid the Most Common Application Mistake

I can’t count the number of students who have told me there wasn’t much interesting about them and that they didn’t have any stories to tell. And do you know what? Every single one of them has turned out to have a story and an experience that was unique, interesting, and perfect for a personal statement!

We're taught to be modest, and that makes it hard to tell our own stories. [Tweet that]

Most students only scratch the surface of who they are and what they’ve done when they write on their own. They think they need a big story. Something they’ve done in the world that affected a lot of people. What they really need—what you really need—is a deep story. A story that offers insight into who you are, how you think, and what you want in the world.

Working with an essay coach is the most reliable way to get to these deeper stories. You need someone who will guide your brainstorming, listen thoughtfully to what you dig up, and help you shape it into the perfect presentation of you .

5. The College Essay Ain’t Your English Teacher’s Essay

Whether you’re writing on one of the five Common App topics or any four of the UC Personal Insight Questions, this is no normal English essay. All that structure you’ve been practicing your entire high school career? It’s useless. No quotes. No evidence analysis. No predictable five-paragraph format.

To write a successful personal statement you have to follow an entirely different writing plan. Schools want you to hear all about you, but they want to hear it in the structure they’ve set out. Unless you follow their guidelines and rules, you’ll make a really bad impression.

Expert writing help will show you the behind-the-scenes look at what colleges and universities really want so that you can present yourself in the best way possible.  

6. Writing Help Will Jump-Start Your Application

In addition to helping your come up with your best ideas in the best presentation for the best schools, getting writing help for your essay is also a great way to jump-start your entire application process. Tell the truth: you’ve been putting it off, right?

It might feel like you have plenty of time, but the truth is that the sooner you start, the better quality your application will be. If you get started now with writing coaching help, you’ll get all the instruction and support you need to write your best. And you’ll also get the accountability you need to stay on task and finish your applications without stress.

Are you ready to get started?