A Fantastic Fantasy: A Review of The 13th Sign

Do you believe that the movements of the planets affect our lives and our destinies?  Whether or not you do, you'll believe that things will never be the same again for the protagonist of this story, whose life gets turned completely upside down when she unlocks a mysterious power connected to the 12 zodiac signs and one new sign...

The 13th Sign is a compelling adventure story of a thirteen-year-old girl's journey to set right was has gone wrong in her own world and the world at large.  After opening a magical book, Jalen must do battle - physical and intellectual - with the mythical creatures of the zodiac.  But she must also do battle with her own anger and sort out her own ever-shifting personality traits, as well as those of her best friend.  On the surface, this is a magical adventure, complete with New Orleans voodoo, shapeshifters, and secret agents. 

In addition, though, this is a novel about learning to live with loss, about learning to let go of the past and embrace the future.  Readers looking for a fun summer book will enjoy this action-packed tale.  I particularly recommend this book for girls going into middle school.