New York Times Invention Contest

Forget "What's your problem?". The New York Times wants to know , "What's your solution?"  The esteemed paper is asking students to submit photos of projects they have created in response to problems.  Did you invent a device that keeps your locker smelling fresh? Have you designed software for a useful app? Unique clothing? A business idea? A killer science experiment?

Take a photo of your invention / product / idea, and submit it the the NYT for a chance to be published in their February 9, 2014 edition, in print and online.

In a fast-changing world, new ideas are the oxygen we need to survive.  Be recognized for your unique ideas, and let them inspire others.  Who knows? Maybe this is just the exposure you need to take your idea from home invention to funded product!

(To see the story behind the photo above, check out Totally Cool Pix,  featuring this and other odd inventions from China.)