Library Pick o' the Week: Moving Pictures

This week's library summer reading pick: the Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett 

Starter Book: Moving Pictures  

With Discworld, Terry Pratchett has created such an amazingly rich world that readers can start in at various points and read about sub-sections of this fantasy world without having to have read Book #1.  

Moving Pictures is officially book #10 in the series, but it's a great starter in the part of the series often referred to as the Industrial Revolution.  Don't let the name fool you: the technology you'll hear about doesn't involve steam, coal, or heavy machinery.  Instead, get ready for alchemy, tiny imps, and magic that can make people walk in their sleep. 

Pratchett has managed to make the real Hollywood seem almost normal by comparison to the Holy-Wood he creates, which is peopled by romantically-confused trolls, talking animals, fame-hungry somnambulists, and swindlers and charlatans of every kind.  While creating a unique and hilarious alternate reality, Pratchett brings in classic elements of the Discworld, as well as some savvy satire about the strangeness of the entertainment industry.

This is a great crossover from the magic-centered books in the Discworld series.  Wizards and the Unseen University play a role, and many members of the Watch also make an appearance.  If you have read and enjoyed other branches of Discworld, you won't be disappointed by this one.  But if you're new to Discworld, jump in without fear and be introduced to some compelling humor, great characters, and a a quintessential Pratchett mystery of universal proportions.  

 Already read  Going Postal ? Try  Making Money  or  Raising Steam !

Already read Going Postal? Try Making Money or Raising Steam!

Moving Pictures would make fun summer reading for readers with a sense of humor coming out of 8th, 9th, and 10th grades. 

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