The #1 Motivation for Writing More

I'm always yammering on and on about creating real-life, highly-motivating writing experiences for students. That's because I believe we all write our best when we write with a purpose.

I'm consistently blown away by the deeply thoughtful personal statements that my College Essay Coaching students craft; they love the chance to discuss their passions and showcase their strengths, and it shows in the quality of their writing.

But I have a heckuva time finding relevant opportunities for my younger writers to get their work out into the world so that they feel motivated to share their ideas and their skills.

That's why I've started the Write with Megan Student Blog. It's a chance for writers of all ages to shine. They can submit writing on any topic that intrigues them, in any form that moves them.

I'm kicking things off with an essay from a very bright student I had the pleasure of writing with this summer. His interests were varied and his hunger for knowledge insatiable. When he decided he wanted to write a piece about bicycling, he started by narrowing the topic to focus on a specific aspect of this pastime. Then, he conducted research so that he would have concrete facts to share with his readers.

He used a paragraph writing frame to organize his ideas, drafted, revised and edited. The final result is an essay that both captures his interests and provides a relevant point of view for the rest of us. I'm excited to share the essay with you as the inaugural post in the Whole Ed Student Blog. 

Click here to read this student's writing!


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