Summer at College for High School Students

Looking for a summer opportunity for your high school student?  St. John's College, with one campus on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, MD, and one in the majestic mountains of Santa Fe, NM, is offering a "taste of the great books" for high school juniors and seniors. St. John's, (my alma mater) offers students an intense core education in thinking. 

While reading the Great Books of Western Civilization -- covering authors from Plato to Pascal, and from Newton to Nietzsche -- students meet in small tutorials and seminars of between 15 and 20.  They work alongside one another and their "tutors" to develop critical thinking skills, and to understand and evaluate the greatest thinkers and thoughts in the Western tradition.

The summer program offers a week of being immersed in reading works that challenge the mind and invite students to engage in active thinking and dialogue.  They will also have a chance to experience college life, living in dorms and participating in fun extracurricular activities.

Apply now for sessions in June and July of 2013!