Summer Reading: Library Pick o' the Week

Summer is library season.  

You can duck out of the sweltering weather into air conditioned stillness.  With nothing but time on your hands, you can lazily browse the bookshelves, searching for nothing in particular. You can meet old favorites and discover new gems.  You can settle into a chair just to read a few pages, and then realize a huge swath of time has passed while you were absorbed in a world far away.  

Your local library is a great place to find what isn't new.  Grab a classic, or find something only a few years old that you might have missed when it was new.  

This week's library summer reading pick: The Redwall Series by Brian Jacques

First Book: Redwall


If you're a fan of The Hobbit, you'll love this story of a tenacious mouse warrior who won't give up on his quest, even in the face of snarky sparrows, overbearing owls, and repugnant rats.  The story of Matthias is a classic hero's journey, complete with daring deeds and great friendships.  Matthias the mouse must face man-sized dangers, contending with the bloodthirsty rats who want to take over his home, as well as the other woodland creatures whose vanity or stubbornness threatens Redwall Abbey's safety.        

Jacques's wonderful descriptions and suspenseful action make this adventure both playful and poignant. Like Tolkien, Jacques creates a rich and vivid fantasy world, peopled with a wide array of delightful characters.  And just like The Hobbit, Redwall tells the tale of a hero full of heart and intellect.  The stakes are high, the odds are great, but he faces his fears and rises to new challenges, thanks to an unsinkable spirit and help from his friends.    

Special features: A lot of rich vocabulary skillfully interwoven with the quick pacing make this a prime pick for advanced 5th and 6th grade readers.  7th and 8th grade readers will enjoy the playful story while staying sharp with complex sentence structure and syntax.  

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