To College or Not to College?

Some students find themselves uncertain about attending college, and who can blame them?  With the rising costs of a college education and the increasing competition for both college admission and jobs for college graduates, it can be daunting to stare those four years of school in the face. But when bright young people holding BA degrees are fighting for jobs at McDonald's, it can be even scarier to contemplate not going to college - what even more mundane job will that leave you fighting for?

We have all heard inspiring stories about leaders and innovators who dropped out of college and still changed the world.  But even Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would have faced much stiffer competition for becoming successful if they were turning 18 in in 2013...

So what is a smart young adult to do?

The Gap Year Program -- part of the UnCollege movement -- is an opportunity to pursue a serious course of study in an non-traditional way.  Part independent study course, part internship, part "real life" experience, the Gap Year might be just right for you if you are inspired and eager to take control of your education.  If you want to make a difference in the world.  If you are clever and creative and ready to make your own path.  Read about it online and talk it over with your family.  If you weren't sure that college was on the menu - whether due to cost, lack of interest, or sheer restlessness to start your career - you might be ready for UnCollege.

Deadline: March 30!