Essay: 1  You: 0

Writing isn't supposed to be this hard.

You're a dedicated student. You always try your best.   

But for some reason, you’re stuck. This writing assignment is like mud, and you're slogging through it, barely making any progress.

Maybe you’ve been staring at the same blank page for hours, wondering where all your thoughts have gone. (On vacation to the Bahamas, perhaps?) Or maybe you’ve hit the inspiration jackpot. But when you try to write down your brilliant thoughts, you find yourself writing in circles. 

You expect a lot from yourself. You don't want to turn in less than your best writing. Whatever you're working on, you want it to shine. 

But right now, you’re ready to chuck your laptop out the window and communicate only in grunts for the rest of your life.


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Maybe you need to... 

  • gather your ideas so you know what on earth to write about
  • figure out how to organize all your ideas and make an outline 
  • revise your draft so it sounds like you instead of like your inner fifth-grader
  • make a plan — any plan — because the deadline just keeps getting closer!


    You can do this.  I can help.

    We'll create a writing plan that works with you and your deadline. We'll figure out exactly what steps you need to take, and I'll guide you through them. I'll provide the writing tools and support you need to make this happen.

    You'll get...

    • clear feedback so you know what's working and what isn't
    • suggestions for how to improve your essay (or how to get it started if it's only an idea)
    • tools and templates you can use to save time and brain power
    • checklists that take the stress out of writing
    • accountability and my special brand of friendly nagging so you submit your best work, on time!

    You'll also get my personalized support for building better writing habits!  

    Here’s what's included in the On Demand Writing Help session:

    • Online Workshop Space I work with you online through video conferencing and shared documents. You can directly share the assignment, class notes, and any other important information with the click of a button. You won't waste precious time explaining the teacher's requirements to me, and we'll be able to jump right into working on writing. 

    • 75-Minute One-on-One Video Conference During our hour-and-fifteen-minute intensive coaching session, we'll get down to brass tacks on the assignment. That might mean brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, or editing—it all depends on where you are in the writing process. I’ll guide you in managing time so that we make progress and set realistic expectations. Through our document share, we'll have the assignment open for live co-editing so that you can try out ideas, and I can provide instant feedback and suggestions. 

    • "Take Action" Writing Plan We’re going to be moving fast in our call and getting out tons of fantastic ideas. When we finish, you'll be energized and motivated to wrap up the assignment. But there will still be work to do. That's why I create a personalized checklist that spells out exactly what steps to take next. You'll be able to finish writing with confidence and clarity. 

    Just want to share with you good news: my daughter was accepted by Castilleja School as a new 9th grader in fall! Actually she was accepted by St. Francis too, but she waited until yesterday and got the notice from her dream school.We really appreciate your great help working with her on the essays.
    — Parent
    Thank you very much for helping with my daughter’s summer program application essays and school class work essays! She has been accepted by two summer camps, and also made significant improvements on her writing skills because of your help. Thank you a lot!
    — Parent

    What to expect:

    We'll troubleshoot what's not working and answer all those questions that are holding you back from submitting your best work. You'll leave the session with everything you need to finish writing and submit a great essay. Thanks to the detailed writing checklist, suggestions, and resources, you'll know exactly what to do next to make your writing your best.   

    We all need a little help moving forward now and then.

    You can totally do this. You've got the skills and the motivation. You're just a bit stuck right now. Think of me as the extra push to get you out of the mud. Right now, the more you work, the more you're spinning your wheels. But once we make a plan, you'll be on solid ground again, moving forward toward your writing goal.  

    Investment: $129

    Ready to get help? Let's do this!

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