As a military family, you have a lot going on.  

From homework, after school clubs, and sports practice, to community involvement and military commitments, there's not a lot of extra time in the schedule. 

But you're not willing to sacrifice school performance. You know the importance of hard work and commitment. You want your teen to give 100% on every assignment and meet his or her full potential.   

You wish there was a simple way to get some extra support.

Someone to turn to who would be there for your teen, especially on those big writing assignments for school. Someone who could step in and offer solutions and support. Someone to give you the peace of mind that your child was getting the best help. 

When your family has to move, you leave behind more than your house.

You leave the teachers your kids connected with or the friendly scout leader who was a mentor. You leave the encouraging neighbor or the helpful tutor. You miss out on the academic support that so many families take for granted.

Wouldn't it be great if you could push a button and get help from anywhere?

You wish your teen could get writing support and...

  • ask questions
  • talk through ideas
  • stop procrastinating
  • revise that really rough draft
  • receive feedback and suggestions
  • feel more confident about literature
  • write more independently

What if your teen could work with a trusted guide consistently, throughout the years, no matter where your family had to move? 

I bring writing help directly to you through convenient online sessions.  

I'm part project manager, part cheerleader, and all writing shortcut strategist. I'll help your teen work through the assignment without giving up or getting discouraged.

Whether your teen needs help getting that final draft just right, choosing a topic and starting to write, or doing anything in between, I'm here to help. I offer feedback, support, and accountability so that your teen can write better essays with less stress and more confidence.

I get to know your teen's learning style so that I can offer the most effective resources and help. My commitment is not just to helping your teen finish the current assignment. It's to giving your teen the missing pieces of the writing process. Explaining things that aren't clear. Offering targeted strategies. Encouraging good writing habits.

Here’s what's included in the On Demand Writing Help session:

  • Online Workshop Space I work with your teen online through video conferencing and shared documents. Your teen can directly share the assignment, class notes, and any other important information with the click of a button. Your teen won't waste precious time explaining the teacher's requirements to me, and we'll be able to jump right into working on writing. 

  • 75-Minute One-on-One Video Conference During our hour-and-fifteen-minute intensive coaching session, we'll get down to brass tacks on the assignment. That might mean brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, or editing—it all depends on where your teen is in the writing process. I’ll guide your teen in managing time so that we make progress and set realistic expectations. Through our document share, we'll have the assignment open for live co-editing so that your teen can try out ideas, and I can provide instant feedback and suggestions. 

  • Writing Checklist We’re going to be moving fast in our call and getting out tons of fantastic ideas. When we finish, your teen will be energized and motivated to wrap up the assignment. But there will still be work to do. So I create a personalized checklist that spells out exactly what steps your teen needs to take next. The checklist includes a timeline that incorporates the deadline and your teen's schedule. This checklist will be a comprehensive list of how to finish the current assignment, but it will also help your teen build good time management habits for the future. 

Plus…you’ll also receive these bonuses so that the next school writing assignment isn't so overwhelming.

  • Bonus #1: You'll receive the Writing Toolbox, a graphic organizer that helps your teen track writing strategies and tips. The Writing Toolbox is online, so your teen can access it at home, at school, or even at a favorite coffee shop or study spot! 

  • Bonus #2: I'll stock the Writing Toolbox with the targeted resources that will help for the current writing project. These templates, checklists, and words lists will provide the support your teen needs to work independently. We'll also add in the specific, personalized strategies used in the session so your teen can maximize his or her learning style.  

  • Bonus #3: Your family will be signed up for my VIP Email List that will give you access to my best and newest writing resources and templates, as well as special discounts on writing coaching packages and classes. If you sign up for subsequent On Demand Writing Help sessions, I'll already know your teen's writing habits, strengths, and challenges, so I'll be able to offer more targeted help. At each new session, we'll add new personalized strategies to the Writing Toolbox to help your teen build stronger writing habits. 

Just want to share with you good news: my daughter was accepted by Castilleja School as a new 9th grader in fall! Actually she was accepted by St. Francis too, but she waited until yesterday and got the notice from her dream school.We really appreciate your great help working with her on the essays.
— Parent
Thank you very much for helping with my daughter’s summer program application essays and school class work essays! She has been accepted by two summer camps, and also made significant improvements on her writing skills because of your help. Thank you a lot!
— Parent

Your teen will leave the session with everything he or she needs to submit a great essay. From a writing plan with a timeline, to specific comments and suggestions for improvement, your teen will know exactly what to do next and will move forward with confidence.  

Your family deserves someone who will be there for you. 

Your service to your country shouldn't mean that your teen is at a disadvantage. I'm here to help, offering personalized suggestions, one-on-one support, and reliable tools. When your teen has access to help on demand, writing becomes less stressful and more enjoyable.

Regular price: $129

Price for Military Families: $109

Ready to get support? Here’s what to do:

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  3. Look for your confirmation email with all the info for the session.