Achieve more

Sitting face-to-face in a in a video chat sets the tone for active collaboration between student and tutor.  It creates the perfect environment for questions, discussion, brain-storming, idea-sharing, and inspiration!    

Each session is based on a targeted lesson plan but is also flexible. Students can add items to the lesson plan, including current school assignments, or specific questions or difficulties.  



Share your work

Many schools utilize Google Drive with its ample free storage.  This means students can share documents they have already created for school with their tutor at the click of a button! They can quickly and easily share from a computer, tablet, or phone. The Drive also stores their Writing Toolbox, a tailor-made resource that tracks which skills and strategies work best for each individual student. 


Use the best tools

Lesson plans, resources, drills, samples, and study guides are all shared with students using the Google Drive App. Shared documents become workshop space where students and tutors can make edits and comments live! They see changes in real time, without having to save and re-send multiple drafts. 

Students can easily download any document from the Drive as well. That means once the assignment is edited and ready to go, students can easily save it to a hard drive and print or submit it through online school portals!

Make tutoring work with your schedule

Students have a lot going on. Sports, music, volunteering, and spending time with family and friends all vie for attention with school performance.  Online tutoring allows students to keep up their grades without sacrificing the extracurricular activities they enjoy.  

Busy parents don't have to add one more stop to the long list of driving destinations.  Students don't miss sessions due to mild illness, busy schedules, or transportation conflicts. They can attend their tutoring sessions from anywhere they have Internet access, including school, the library, and friends' or relatives' homes.  


Have a tutor on call for studying emergencies!

Procrastination gets all students at one time or another. If you're working down to the wire, you don't have to be there alone! Live-Chat and Drop-In Classes provide that last minute help and guidance you need to turn in your best work.  



Build strong studying habits

Have a tutor in your corner who will help you proofread and finalize assignments, and who will also bug you about whether assignments are finished. Relieve Mom and Dad of having to be the Homework Police. Instead, get not just accountability but also support from someone who can help you through a writing roadblock. Get the information you need without getting off-task. Learn effective research habits and avoid getting lost in a time-suck web labyrinth!  


All it takes to get started with online tutoring is a free Gmail account.

Don't have a Gmail account? It's fast and easy to sign up for one!