You haven’t even started writing yet, but this project already feels impossible.  

There are so many requirements and each one is worth a ton of points. How can you get them all finished, and where should you start?

Plus, this month is super busy at school and at home. How will you fit in this assignment and get a decent grade on it with everything else you have to do?

You can already hear the points dropping off one by one…

  • sloppy outline
  • not enough evidence
  • late paper
  • too many typos

Where’s that time machine when you need it?!


You can’t change time, but you can tame it! 

The Project Time Machine will help you…

  • break down the project into bite-sized steps
  • create a personalized schedule so you’ll finish by the deadline
  • make a plan for each part of the writing process
  • stay on top of your assignment through regular check-ins


Here’s what’s in the Project Time Machine:

  • Calendar Reality Check You’ll receive a calendar template and instructions to fill out all your personal commitments. This will keep you from overbooking yourself and setting yourself up for disaster!   

  • 75-Minute “Tame Time” Video Conference I’ll guide you through breaking down the writing process for this project. You’ll see exactly how to get from start to finish without leaving out any vital pieces.Then, we’ll map out all those steps onto your calendar so that you have a clear plan you can stick to!    

  • Calendar Check-Ups You’ll leave our session with a shiny new plan for finishing all the requirements of your project. But a plan you don’t follow is pretty useless, right? So I’ll be sending you reminders and check-ups based on the calendar you’ve committed to. You’ll get my special brand of upbeat nagging all the way to the due date. ;)

While an actual time machine would be AMAZING, a Project Time Machine is the next best thing.

By making a realistic plan, you’ll be giving yourself more time. That means you’ll have a chance to outline more fully, revise more thoughtfully, and proofread more carefully!

You’ll have enough time to do your best work so you can get the grade you deserve. Your future self says, “Thank you!”

Investment: $99

Ready to tame time and make your project happen? Here’s how:

  1. Grab the time you want from my calendar.
  2. Follow the calendar link to the payment page.
  3. You’ll receive an email from me with all the instructions for getting started.