Writing stories is one of the most motivating ways to develop a lifelong love of writing!

Students get to create their own worlds, populated by characters they want to spend time with, and full of heroic solutions to whatever problem arises. Writing stories is fun and freeing and a joyful experience. 

Even though writing stories is creative, it still requires strategy, skills, and support. That's exactly what I offer to young writers.

I’ll help your child develop effective creative writing skills for planning, drafting, and revising stories, as well as getting past writer's block.

Through engaging activities and creative exercises, we’ll write scenes and plan stories. Your child is welcome to bring an existing story or part of a story to our coaching sessions for specific help on how to take it to the next stage. 

Your child will learn…

  • Strong story structure
  • How to choose a setting
  • Character building
  • How to connect conflict and theme
  • How to establish tone and voice
  • How to unlock creativity
  • Adaptable planning tools for plotting a story
  • Ways to beat writer’s block

The secret to sticking with creative writing is getting just enough structure so that you know what to do next! I’ll help your child discover the tactics that make creative writing easier and faster. We’ll have fun exploring different characters, genres, and settings as your child practices techniques that the pros use for planning and finishing drafts.

Here’s what’s included in your 12-week coaching experience:

  • 12 One-on-One Coaching Sessions. We meet via video conference where all of our resources are only a click away, and where our shared online documents feel like inviting workshop spaces.

  • Student Choice about writing topics, timelines, and techniques so your child will feel motivated to excel.

  • A Customized Assignment following each coaching session to practice and develop skills.

  • A Personalized Writing Toolbox, which is accessible from any web browser and which is yours to keep! That means your child has access to the most effective tools whenever and wherever writing happens. 

  • A Writing Portfolio containing the work done in our coaching, including my comments so your child can notice progress and celebrate growth.

  • Unlimited Email Support between sessions so your child can ask questions, get my support, and build the habits of communication and accountability.   

  • Email Updates following each session so that you can stay in the loop about triumphs, challenges, progress, plans, and assignments.

  • 3 Phone Updates to connect, collaborate, and continue refining our approach so that your child gets the best support possible. 

This coaching is designed for young writers who…

  • Love starting stories but have a hard time finishing them
  • Enjoy writing scenes but don’t know how to connect them
  • Want to add more detail, description, and dialogue to their writing
  • Want to write longer, more in-depth stories
  • Are interested in honing their craft with a goal of publishing

I'm committed to making writing an enjoyable experience for your child. I'd be honored to provide the positive place for your child to be creative and thrive!  

Price: $1200

I wanted to thank you for taking your time to help me with this book. It was a great learning experience and will definitely help me in the future! I think you are a great teacher and I really appreciate the effort and hard work you put into all the writing exercises. (They helped a lot!)
— 13-year-old Creative Writing Student

Successful coaching is all about finding the right fit. I'd love to hop on the phone with you and hear more about your child's needs. If it feels like I'm the right person to help with writing, we'll schedule a free mini-session to make sure your child agrees. ;) 

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