You’ve worked your tail off for the last four years to make the next four your best yet.

You’ve taken the challenging classes, studied hard, developed your interests, and pushed yourself to your limits. You’ve got the drive and the potential to make a difference in the world, and you deserve a college experience that will launch you into a bright future.

But you’re staring at those college applications, wondering how you can possibly get all of your passion and dedication onto the page.

You wish you could show admissions offices how you would be a perfect match for their schools. You know that if they saw your skills, accomplishments, and dedication, you’d be a shoe in.

Where’s that Harry Potter Pensieve when you need it so that admissions officers can jump into your brain and experience the amazing YOU firsthand?

You know the personal statement is supposed to be your chance to shine.

But you’ve heard so much about what you should and shouldn’t do that your head is spinning. What do schools really want? Do people really make up fake essays? Do you even stand a chance if writing isn't your strength?

You want to nail your personal statement so that admissions committees can see the real you.

You know there is so much riding on this key part of your application. And you wish you could get straight answers instead of endless advice. You wish you had a plan so that you knew exactly what to do—and knew for sure that it would work!

With so much pressure on this one essay, you’re worried that you’ll choke. You’re afraid you’ll...

  • Write about too many strengths and appear insensitive or arrogant
  • Write about too few strengths and seem timid or indecisive
  • Choose the wrong topic and come across as bland or generic
  • Miss silly mistakes in your writing and look foolish or immature
  • Crash and burn in a horrible, disorganized mess and have to spend the rest of your life working at McDonald's

I’ll take the guesswork out of writing your personal statement so that you can put your best self on paper.

I’ll be there at every step of the way with practical tips, support, accountability, and no-nonsense guidance about exactly what to do next. From choosing the best topic for showcasing your strengths, to revising awkward sentences so you sound like the most sophisticated version of you, I’ve got your back!

We won’t leave anything to chance with templates, samples, and checklists that show you exactly what works to make your essay shine. When we’re finished, you’ll have a polished personal statement that will make your application stand out from the crowd.

You'll leave this intensive class with...

  • A polished, proofread, final draft of your unique personal statement
  • Summaries of who you are, your special talents, and your goals  (invaluable tools when applying for grad school or your dream job!)
  • Supplemental essay strategies that make the best use of your time and energy and minimize stress
  • Writing resources that you’ll keep using as you transition into college writing
  • The time you need to ensure your senior year of high school reflects your best effort without worrying about working on your essay


The Right Prompt

The five Common Application prompts offer some tough choices. I'll help you select the prompt that fits your experiences and POV. You'll save time and energy by only working on the topic that showcases your unique talents and writing strengths. If you're applying to a UC, you'll learn how to personalize the two required prompts so that they work together to tell your unique story.



Foolproof Structure

Once you know what to write, detailed, step-by-step instructions will help you craft your essay's structure. You'll see how to begin and end for greatest impact. Detailed resources and samples will show you how to tell a compelling story. 



Detailed Feedback

One-on-one classes and detailed comments on drafts mean you get the individual attention your essay deserves. You'll get one type of feedback at a time so you can revise without getting overwhelmed.



Supplemental Essay Planning

Make a plan for your supplementary essays. I'll show you how to get maximum impact for each school without driving yourself crazy.  


You'll get all the expert help you need to write your best!

The Dig-Deep Questionnaire is no joke! With over 20 pages of questions, activities, and free-writing prompts, it's going to become the ultimate guide to your strengths! It'll help you see your passions clearly while also bringing great ideas to the surface. Seriously, this is unlike any other questionnaire you have filled out! (And don't worry -- you'll get access to this resource ahead of                        time so you can give it the attention it deserves!)

You're going to get amazing tools specifically designed for responding to the Common App and UC prompts. Beginning with custom brainstorming and outlining templates, you'll plan your essay smart from the start. You'll have detailed instructions, examples, and checklists to draft, revise, and edit like a pro. With the right tools, you'll keep moving forward with confidence! 

In addition to specific comments on your essay, you'll also get detailed coaching in the one-on-one Weekly Workshops. We'll hash out ideas, talk through where you're stuck, and give you a plan for moving forward.  

We'll go through your personal statement with a magnifying glass, making sure that each and every thought reflects your careful planning and your POV. We'll clean up messy language and polish your writing until it shines! 

That word limit is there for a reason, and I'll help you stick to it! I'll help you make the hard cuts. Yes, that is a brilliant sentence, but it is off-topic! Give your essay the punch and panache that comes from careful, comprehensive editing. 

Finish your essay on time. No excuses! No procrastination! Your personal statement will be polished and ready to go well ahead of the application deadline. 

You're smart, dedicated, and ready for college. But so are tons of other students.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but the pool of amazing college applicants is only getting bigger. With so many smart, athletic, musical, artistic, volunteering, high-achieving students to choose among, colleges and universities are inundated with stats. They see all your numbers and know you are bright. But they want to know who you are!

Your essay is what takes you from "Good Candidate" to "Great Asset"

Your personal statement is your chance to put yourself—your voice—on paper! It's your chance to be heard on your terms. To tell the admissions office how and why you want to challenge yourself or change the world. What your college education means to you. Where you have been in life, and where you want to go.

This class is for you if...

  • You are a dedicated student on the verge of applying to college.
  • You will be applying using the Common App and/or the University of California application.
  • You aren't afraid to work hard to make your dreams come true.
  • You have passions and talents, even if you aren't exactly sure how to put them into words.
  • You are ready to fully commit your time and energy to thinking and writing your best.

This class is NOT for you if...

  • You will not be a senior in high school (or the equivalent) in the fall of this year. (Sorry, juniors, but one more year of writing skill and life experience really is important!)
  • You don't really have an interest in college but are applying anyway.
  • You aren't ready for hard work, or your schedule is so busy that you won't be able to commit to showing up and putting in the work each week.
  • You are hoping someone else will tell you exactly what to write or will even write your essay for you.

If you're committed to writing a superior application essay, this is exactly where you need to be.

Obviously, I can't guarantee that your dream school will accept you. But what I can guarantee is that you will get all the best tools and support out there for digging deep and writing an amazing, authentic essay that combines the best of you with the best of writing structure, style, and mechanics.

Don't leave your essay to chance, or to the last minute. Your essay is vital for telling the admissions committee why you would be a perfect addition to their school. The essay is especially important if your GPA is not as strong as you had hoped, or if you have a special background, talent, or passion that hasn't been explained somewhere else in your application.

Write to College gives you the flexibility to work on your essay without sacrificing your grades in the first semester of your senior year. It's the perfect mix of independence and accountability to make sure you are moving along at the right pace, while still having time for the demands of school.