The Writing Clubhouse is an online community where teen writers get personalized feedback and excellent support on a regular basis.

Whether they're already working with me on a larger coaching program, getting On Demand Writing Help here and there, or are brand new to working with me, the Writing Clubhouse is an inviting place for teens to up-level their writing and enjoy expressing themselves.

The Writing Clubhouse offers three key components to help teens write with greater skill and confidence:

  1. Weekly Office Hours We meet via video conference where all of our resources are only a click away, and where our shared online documents feel like inviting workshop spaces.

  2. Detailed Feedback on Writing Your teen shares current writing projects so that I can provide comprehensive feedback and detailed written comments about how to improve writing and take it to the next stage.

  3. Co-working Space Your teen can improve productivity by getting accountability in a focused setting.

Weekly Group Office Hours

Each week, teens join a live teleconference with the Clubhouse Community. They attend when they need help, but if they have a scheduling conflict, no worries. Meetings are student-led, focusing on their questions and their writing! 

Weekly Office Hours are open to all of my coaching students. That means students get a chance to see what other teens are asking and how they're approaching similar tasks. This workshop space provides the inspiration and motivation that come from being part of a community of writers.

Teens might ask about...

  • creative writing projects and stories
  • essays for school
  • essays they’re writing as part of my College Essay Coaching program
  • poetry or other expressive writing
  • blog posts, website pages, or other writing they’re publishing on the web
  • contest submissions
  • private high school applications
  • SAT essays
  • grammar and conventions
  • vocabulary
  • their writing process & planning projects

Detailed Feedback on Writing

Each week, teens are invited to share up to three pages (approximately 750 words) of writing for my critique, comments, and detailed feedback. 

Using shared documents means that teens can live edit their docs during Office Hours. This online workshop space is the perfect no-pressure zone. As we talk through ideas, writing becomes a creative collaboration instead of a stressful solitary experience.

These shared docs allow me to comment directly on work without changing the original. The comments direct teens about exactly what to do next as they continue brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, or editing.

Teens have ultimate control over the changes made to their work. They decide whether or not to accept my suggestions and comments. This means they're not only polishing their current projects; they're also building their writing chops by explaining and defending their writing choices! 


Co-working is a strategy taking the entrepreneurial world by storm and helping busy people increase their productivity while reducing their stress. It’s a simple yet powerful concept.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Show up at the scheduled time
  2. Declare your intention -- what will you work on during the session? What’s your goal for the time?
  3. Mute your mic and get to work!
  4. Feel the urge to check your Instagram feed or text your friends… and resist it because you know you’re going to have to account for your time!
  5. Check in at the end of the co-working time about what you accomplished

Couldn’t be simpler, right? But it really works! Co-working is especially powerful for the teen brain, which is trying its hardest, but which is extra-susceptible to distractions, socializing, and instant gratification. Your teen can learn effective time-management and self-discipline in a positive atmosphere by taking part in co-working. 

Is your teen ready for a supportive place to write and flourish?

Join the Writing Clubhouse! Your teen's maturity and motivation will increase in a setting that provides both independence and accountability. You'll notice improvements not only in writing, but also in your teen's time-management and self-advocacy.

The Writing Clubhouse currently meets on Mondays, from 5:00 to 6:00 pm Pacific. 

Sign up one month at a time for $200 per month

Or sign up for 3 months for $500, a savings of $100!

My son is doing really well in his English class. He improved his grade, and he is more confident, and less stressed.
— Parent of an 11th grade student
My son is always very positive and motivated after the writing sessions. Today he asked me to continue with more writing sessions in the future. That is very encouraging as not too long ago writing was something he dreaded. Thank you for all the great work that you are doing with him.
— Parent of a 4th grade student
One obvious change I noticed is that he would not push his writing assignments to the last minute like before, seems to me nowadays he has more ideas to write about, and is not as frustrated as he used to be. So thank you very much for those positive changes! The thing I appreciate the most is that as an experienced teacher, you found out what really went wrong with my son’s writing and came up with solutions to correct that.
— Parent of an 8th grade student

I'm committed to making writing an enjoyable experience for your child. I'd be honored to provide the positive place for your child to learn, write, and thrive!  

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