Weekly Classes

One-on-One Sessions

Individual attention is the fastest way for students to improve in writing. They work through difficulties and ask questions at their own pace. They also learn techniques that work for them, rather than one-size-fits-all approaches. Through focused exercises they strengthen their weakest skills and build confidence where they need it most. 


After each session, students are assigned homework. This helps them practice skills independently to build writing "muscles" and internalize what they learn in sessions. Assignments are corrected and discussed at length in class, and are also saved in the student's Google Drive for access any time.

Writing Portfolio

Each week students are practicing writing skills. That leads to a lot of paragraphs and essays! Student work is organized in folders in Google Drive for easy access, and as sessions continue, students build impressive portfolios. This writing is a brag board and a way for Mom and Dad to see progress, and it can also be used when writing samples are required for admission to a program or elective, such as a summer writing camp or the school newspaper.

Parent Updates

Weekly Updates

Weekly updates keep parents in the loop while relieving them of the pressure of being the "Homework Police". Updates provide a summary of current assignments and areas of study, as well as skills mastered and goals on the horizon. The update has links to recent student work and lesson plans to make it easy for parents to keep up with the latest news at the click of a button!

Partnering with Teachers

At your request, the Weekly Update can be shared with the classroom teacher, or other educational partners.This communication brings more insights to light about your student's skills and stuck points so that everyone can be on the same page when it comes to helping your child succeed!  


We'll set both long- and short-term goals based on your child's need, skill-level, and school requirements.  Lesson plans keep students working toward goals while also offering flexibility for questions that arise. Students and parents can review lesson plans to follow progress and goals.

Writing Toolbox

Your child will get a personalized index of the tools and tips that are really working for him or her.  The Writing Toolbox includes steps, shortcuts and strategies your student has mastered so that nothing gets forgotten as we move on to new skills. 

The Writing Toolbox also includes outline templates, quick references, writing checklists, and word lists to make writing a breeze. The Writing Toolbox is stored in your child's Google Drive, which is available as a mobile app, so it's accessible from home, school, the library, the dentist's office -- anywhere your child is on the web! 

Essay Live-Chat

Live-chatting lets students outline, draft, revise, and edit their school essays in between their writing classes. They can get a few minutes of quick help, or hunker down for an hour to work through where they're stuck. 

Essay Feedback

Students can submit their school essays for detailed comments covering the organization, style, and mechanics of their writing. In addition to comments on the essay, students also receive a complete Revising & Editing Checklist. This allows them to revise and edit with confidence since they know exactly where to spend their time making changes. 

One Month of Writing Coaching Includes

  • 4 One-on-One Classes
  • Parent Updates
  • Goal-Tracking
  • Writing Toolbox
  • 2 Hours of Essay Live-Chat
  • 10 Pages of Essay Comments & Proofreading for school essays / SAT or ACT essays


Can writing classes help my student's overall English grade? 

Absolutely! As we work on writing concepts and application, we also cover elements of reading comprehension and grammar. These naturally arise as students read and interpret challenging texts and revise and edit their work. Writing Classes help students connect to what they read as they analyze quotes and think critically. They build better essays from their increased understanding, and they learn to think in terms of character, plot, motif, theme, and rhetorical strategies. Not only will they improve their expository writing for English, but they will also increase their active reading skills and their ability to tackle difficult texts in all subjects.

Can writing coaching help my struggling student?

Writing coaching is the perfect solution for students who are have difficulty with writing.  They might struggle to come up with ideas, or they might be unsure of how to organize them.  Their writing might sound choppy or rambling, or it might lack grade-appropriate sentence structure, vocabulary, or mechanics. They get to practice the skills that will help them most, all while working from home so that there is still plenty of time to study other subjects and complete school work. Working on writing actually gives a boost to other academic subjects, too. Short-answers for science tests or research papers for history will improve as students master organization, style, and mechanics.   

Can writing coaching help my strong writer get ahead?

Students who enjoy writing and want to excel more quickly also thrive with writing coaching. They have an opportunity to develop their writing voices and build their Writing Toolboxes as they work on more advanced skills. Many families sign up for writing coaching so that students can prepare for exciting writing challenges, such as working on the school paper, taking an AP class, or applying to an academic or enrichment program.

What if our session block gets interrupted by a school break or family vacation?

Not a problem! Just send an email ahead of time to let us know your schedule, and we'll make a plan. We can expand the session block by an additional week to make up for the missed class, or else prorate it for a partial month to account for a longer break.