Getting your child to write is like pulling teeth.

It's a battle. Every time. Your child would rather do anything else besides write. And if you try to help, your child tunes out, shuts down, or blows up. You’re sick of fighting about writing. You know your child is miserable, and you are, too.

Writing is often more challenging for bright children.

Your child might...

  • Get stressed out or angry about writing 
  • Make fatalistic statements, such as I’ll just never be good at writing!
  • Have perfectionist tendencies and resist putting anything on paper unless it's just right
  • Excel at verbal expression but fall behind in written expression
  • Be very literal and struggle with hypothetical thinking

You wish your child could escape the frustration of writing and start enjoying it! 

After all, you child is bright, sensitive, and full of great ideas. You feel confident that if writing didn't feel so frustrating, if it were more accessible, it could be an amazing tool for your child to share his or her talents with teachers, peers, and the larger world.

What if your child could...

  • Explore writing and see how it works, free of the pressure of homework and grades?
  • Play writing games that invite curiosity and creativity?
  • Practice the writing process step by step to alleviate perfectionist tendencies?
  • Feel motivated to write by having the goal of publishing his or her work?

I turn writing frustration into writing fun! 

Through collaborative activities and games, I help students find their writing voices. I give them the freedom to write in a fun setting so that writing feels inviting rather than frustrating. I also provide real motivation to write by helping students publish their writing online. 

Following this two-month writing program, your child will...

  • Know how to use writing frames and outlines that make school assignments less frustrating
  • Understand the writing process and use it to battle perfectionism
  • Have a piece of writing published online and a more personal connection to writing
  • Know how to use computer strategies to make writing faster and easier

Writing JOY! includes:

  • 8 One-on-One Writing Sessions

These online sessions are personalized to your child's interests, learning style, and skill level. I'll help your child feel comfortable and confident so writing becomes a joy, not a drag. 

  • Bite-sized Practice

Your child will have a chance to sample all the parts of the writing process, drill skills, and explore a variety of writing strategies. There will be a mix of joint exercises, guided activities, and independent practice, designed to build competence and confidence without overwhelm. 

  • The Writing Toolbox

We'll track all your child's most effective strategies in his or her personalized Writing Toolbox. This invaluable resource helps your child build writing self-awareness and good writing habits.  

  • Parent Connect

Following each session, you’ll receive a summary of what we worked on, as well as the milestones, progress points, or challenges your student is facing. You'll also have access to our lesson workshop space, the Writing Toolbox, and our current writing projects.

Plus these bonus resources:

  • Build a Better Book Report

One of the biggest struggles for young writers is the dreaded book report. This resource shows writers what they need to include in a book report and why. It also offers helpful strategies for completing each element, including sentence frames, word lists, and checklists. 

  • Never Say "Good" or "Bad" Again

Finding just the right word can be a struggle, especially when it comes to the two most common bland words of all: "good" and "bad." When armed with this resource, your child will know how to replace those yawn factories with the most specific word for the job.  

My son is always very positive and motivated after the writing sessions. Today he asked me to continue with more writing sessions in the future. That is very encouraging as not too long ago writing was something he dreaded. Thank you for all the great work that you are doing with him.
— Mom of a 4th grade student

Right now, your child feels pretty discouraged about writing. Maybe even hopeless.

The first vital step is to replace pressure and frustration with open-ended curiosity and fun! 

Writing JOY! helps your child regain the motivation to write, opening up the chance for writing mastery and success down the road. 

 I draw on over a decade of one-on-one teaching experience, plus my own enormous Writing Toolbox, filled with student-centered activities, silly games, graphic organizers, simple checklists, step-by-step resources, goofy mnemonics, and multi-intelligence techniques for learners of all different types. I can help your bright child find the joy in writing and learn to love it! 

Investment: $799

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