You want your child to build excellent writing habits.

You believe learning should be fun, engaging, and motivating.

So do I! 

Hello, I’m Megan, a compassionate writing coach who helps bright students of all ages use writing to thrive. I’m committed to helping your child develop the skills and habits that lead to more independent and motivated writing and thinking.

With over a decade of experience in one-on-one teaching and curriculum development, I help students discover the right tools for their unique learning styles. I encourage them to have fun with writing so they can put their passions on the page and achieve their full potential.

It's time for writing support that works with your child’s unique learning style!

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Ready to make writing work for your student? Here’s how I can help!

Personalized Writing Coaching

Engaging and fun writing support to help every student build a personalized Writing Process and Writer's Toolbox in order to write with greater confidence and skill.

College Essay Support

Personalized coaching for your Common App Personal Statement and UC Personal Insight Questions. Get help planning, structuring, revising, and editing to perfection.

Workshops & Classes

Engaging games and activities that make writing more fun and understandable. Students work in groups to solve writing puzzles and play with language.

On Demand Writing Help

Plan your writing assignment or revise and edit an essay. Live coaching when you need it most so you can turn in your best work on time and stress-free. 

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